What is “Letters to the Mother”?

Letters to the Mother began as a collection of letters with unbiased views received from ordinary people about the Mother, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, popularly known as Amma. Many of these letters were sent to Amma directly.

Written years back & many of them recently, these letters came from all across the world, from people who have either met Amma, or those who have not met her, but wish to voice their opinion on matters related to her. Few of them were denied that opportunity elsewhere. Letters to the Mother as a responsible web log, constantly endeavors to encourage constructive interaction while respecting its authors and contributors. All comments are moderated to maintain a clean and nurturing experience to all its readers. Comments submitted without adequately understanding this commitment, or those that do not help uplift the readers will not be posted. As a website that respects privacy, the names of few of the authors and persons in their posts have been changed on request to protect their identities. We hope you will understand and appreciate our effort.

On popular demand, we have added 4 categories – Stories, Traditions, Poems and News.

We value your time. Thanks for stopping by.