Legal Counsel Adv Ramkumar Speaks to the Press


Video of Advocate K. Ramkumar, legal counsel to Mata Amritanandamayi Math speaking to the press.

Excerpts from the communiqué:

People TV, the chairman of which is Mr. Mammootty; Media One TV, which belongs to Jamaath-i-Islami; and India Vision, whose chairman is Mr. Muneer — are taking the initiative to spread negative propaganda. They have been disseminating contemptuous information. Their agenda is clearly to disrupt the peace and harmony prevailing in Kerala. However, they will not succeed because such things, as far as I know, will not provoke Amma’s devotees. I do not believe that Amma’s devotees will be agitated by or fall prey to these vulgar things. . They may use a great many provocative words, but Amma’s devotees have the intellectual maturity and discrimination to understand the secret agenda behind this. They will not be provoked, because Amma herself has said to her devotees, as even Gail quotes in her book, that she (Amma) teaches her devotees to forgive and forget. As Gail says, surviving women will have to face challenges. After leaving the Ashram she wrote a letter (to the residents). I will recount it here for you.

“I urge you all to not be affected by the rumors which are circulating around the Ashram at this time. Stick to your goal and be courageous. I try to remind myself that I have no control over what people think or say about me. I can only strive to do right as I know in my heart.”

She made these utterances after leaving the Ashram. At that time, she never said anything negative toward anybody in the Ashram. On the contrary, from a foreign country, she spoke about Amma as mother and as a God-like woman. Moreover, when she came to first came to the Ashram, there were only huts, and there was very little money. She came from Australia, and travelled from the Thiruvannamalai (Sri Ramana Maharshi’s) Ashram to the Karunagappally Ashram without having a spare change of clothes, and bearing all sorts of past tortures from her own brothers and mother. Lakshmi Akka, who still lives in the Ashram, says that she (Gail) would torture her and sometimes spit on her face whenever a misunderstanding arose. This same lady, fifteen years later, is making statements of abuses toward Amma.

One thing we must all must understand is that Amma does not stay alone in any room. Following like a shadow, the foreign lady Lakshmi Akka always have slept in the same room. It is in this same room that this crazy woman has accused Amma of having an illicit relationship with her disciples. While she (Gail) was at the Ashram, doctors analysed her and stated that she had an illness they called ‘delusionary jealousy’, meaning a state of mind caused by intense jealousy that occurs when affection and love are shown to others. The prattling of this lady and her accounts of the past 19 years should not be taken seriously. A suit could be filed against her, under Indian Penal Code Section 151(A) and other such sections of the IPC, for disruption of the peace, cheating, spreading anger, instigating quarrels and communal rifts among people. In my opinion, as per our tradition and culture, devotees should forget and disregard all of this, and they should not be provoked. We have heard so many false stories—such as the Syamantaka theft case leveled against Lord Sri Krishna. Was he provoked? We should have the same mental attitude. This is to be disregarded and neglected. The 3 television channels making false and propaganda for temporary gains, do not deserve a response.