Letter from an Atheist

We received the following letter from  Dr.James Alexander a clinical psychologist practicing in Ohio state.

Holy Gossip – James Alexander PhD

I am not a devotee of any Saint or Guru, nor do I subscribe to the edicts proclaimed by any of the world’s conventional religions to lead my life. I am a  practicing clinical psychologist.

I read the book “Holy Hell” and noticed exaggerations in many of the chapters, constant finger pointing routine without self evaluation or enquiry and stories lacking evidence, which raise doubts in me on the veracity of many of the events. The author doesn’t seem to have a single piece of valid evidence or witness to back her. She expects the reader to take her for granted and go along enjoying the juicy gossip.

It is good she consulted a therapist. The job of a therapist is to focus on how best to help resolve the patient’s issues, by asking the right questions and making the patient reveal more in the process, and NOT plant new assumptions in their psyche, which unfortunately seems to be the case here with Gail. She has no memory of abuse, yet when a therapist after several years of leaving her Guru, mention she might have had faced abuse, she out of the blue decides she did face abuse. She does mention in the book she has made projections, approximations and assumptions in her narrative. Clinical psychology says, this is the result of long term sexual repression, anger, loneliness, string of failed relationships, insecurity and attention deficit issues. It won’t be surprising at all, if her friends from the past come forth to reveal Gail’s obsession with sex while living in the Indian ashrams, where veering from celibacy could invite rejection from the Master and even summary removal. Her constant use of sexual innuendo during verbal spats hints at an obsession, which even those ashram residents in India who wrote some of the letters here in the blog, might hesitate to reveal more about Gail, to avoid putting their Guru and ashram in poor light.

Unlike Gail Tredwell, who is inaccessible and presently lives a life stifling dissent, getting Amazon to remove poor reviews of her book (its impossible not to notice the number of poor reviews and comments on her book getting deleted on a daily basis), the letters presented here on your site are those from people who are quite easily locatable, making their accounts far more credible. I recently saw this site posted on Amazon. If I had your site earlier, I would have had second thoughts on investing money & time on this holy gossip.

I noticed people who don’t hide their allegiance to the author on Amazon, spread rumors of Lakshmi leaving Amma in their reviews. When I read the post “Remembering Gail Tredwell – Letter From Lakshmi” and realised Lakshmi never left Amma and that she was Amma’s real attendant (not Gail), the whole Gail Tredwell scandal falls apart like a poorly arranged pack of cards and everything becomes as clear as daylight. The book was nothing but a result of concerted effort by a few individuals with vested interests and little moral foundations. Did they float this “Wattle Tree Press” themselves? I doubt any credible publisher will look upon gossip as a new genre. When I googled some of the people who wrote positive reviews, most of them are doubtful characters with multiple profiles. I have seen many such characters in my practice and have strong reason to believe that most of those positive reviews (all 5 stars??! Gimme a break!!) are from two or three individuals writing under different names.

By publishing personal events from her life, some of which traumatic, Lakshmi has not just put an end to the gossip Gail pursued using her name, she has put forth her credibility, for which she needs to be lauded.

The events narrated in other letters on your blog not only throw light at many of the gaps in the author’s narrative which we now know was left out intentionally to avoid suspicion, but also provide sufficient proof that many of her stories were nothing more than fabrications by an unstable mind that needs expert treatment.

– James Alexander PhD