Missed Opportunity


darshan publicOne fine day while sitting in the crowd watching Amma give Darshan, a casual friend of mine came up to me.

We discussed about his hectic working life in the financial sector and what story to tell his boss in order to extend his stay in Amritapuri, which he was clearly enjoying.

He went for Amma’s Darshan few years back and requested her for a mantra. Amma said, “Wait till the end of Darshan and join the mantra queue.”

He arrived back on the stage and sat behind Amma at 10 PM expecting the Darshan would end soon. As he watched and waited the time passed 1 AM, 2 AM and 3 AM, yet he saw no end to the Darshan queue. He decided on taking a short nap in his room and come back quickly. The short nap became tad too long and he woke up at 10 AM! Darshan had ended by then. He left for home without the mantra.

After 2 years, he visited the Amritapuri Ashram. During Darshan, he requested Amma for a mantra again.

Amma said, “I was ready to give you a mantra last time. Why didn’t you take it then?!”

As he stood speechless, Amma smiled compassionately at him.

He received his mantra in the evening.

– Govind S.