My Prayer – Jani


Below is a letter sent by Jani, a resident of Amritapuri ashram to Gail Tredwell.

Dear Gail,

We have known each other for over 27 years now; from the day I met Amma in 1987.

I understand that you felt pulled away from your spiritual path. But the tradition of sanyasa is ancient. This vow is sacred and beyond Amma or any individual master. Those who decide to break the vow cannot blame anyone else for it.

If you felt pulled down from spiritual life, I would have expected you to attempt to inspire others in a different way. Why not write a book that would lift people up and show them the way? Not words that would drag them down from the spiritual path. I feel that your book appeals to those who are looking for an excuse to step off the spiritual path.

Sometimes when we are physically close to Amma, we do not realise who Amma really is as a spiritual master and humanitarian.

I have seen for the last 27 years what Amma has been doing for the world. Her humanitarian projects are serving so many people. I feel so blessed to be able to recognize Amma’s service to the world.

I would admire anyone who started so many projects to serve others. I would want to learn from them. If, in the last 14 years, you had done some service for others, I would also admire that. But, it seems it is easier to put someone down than to become a good example.

You definitely follow history. Many saints and sages had someone try to put them down. It never has worked and will never work. You are neither saving anyone nor helping yourself.

You must feel so miserable that you had to get attention in such negative ways.

Please do not pull people down. The world needs people to bring them closer to God and lift humanity upwards to their ultimate goal.

I pray that one day you will find real peace, would be capable of offering nectar like words to uplift people and let all negativity fade away. Now is the time to fill positive energy in the world. This is what we learnt from Amma. This Gail, is my prayer for you.

Love and respect,