Protest Meeting at Kochi


Excerpts from the speeches of dignitaries at the protest meeting held at Kochi on Feb 26, 2014

Padma Vibhushan Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

Justice Krishna Iyer is a former judge of Supreme Court and was the Minister of law, power, prisons, irrigation and social welfare in the first Communist Government to govern Kerala.

“The poor and struggling need benevolence. Patients have to receive physical treatment as well as emotional relief. In every way, the change, the transformation along the lines of “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” for the benefit of this land is a gift from Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. She is no ordinary mother. She is the embodiment of the great ocean of compassion. Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is a gift of GOD for those who long for kindness in this world. She is not a mediocre woman. She was given through the kindness of the Almighty. I shall tell you one thing about Amma: she is amongst us for the purpose of creating a new world for the lowly and miserable within the footings of ‘Daridra devo bhava’.  I record my disesteem towards the people who have accused her.  We always have to be thankful to the Almighty for the opportunity to living alongside Amma in this lifetime.  For and on behalf of all citizens, I bow down to her.  Please give pardon to those who censure her. Please be kind to them. Amma does not have any enemies; everybody is her friend and companion. Matru Devo Bhava. I thought that I could not reach here at TDM Hall in time due to ill health. I came here with the aid of the confidence that Amma would take care of me. It is nothing if I expire in the name of Amma. I came with the firm decision to visit here at any cost. Amma is an avatar that has incarnated for emancipating this world. The world, as well as I, yearns for the blessings of Amma.”

Prof. K.V. Thomas

Prof KV. Thomas is Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Minister of State in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Central Govt. of India. A respected leader of the Congress Party hailing from Kochi, he is a Member Indian Parliament

“I have had a bona fide relationship with Amma for more than 35 years, and it remains the same today as it was when it began.  Amma is considered as God and is worshipped all over the world. I used to visit the fish market at Aarattupuzha frequently, during my pre-degree years, while I studied at Thevara College. I know Amma right from those days. Nowadays I am in Delhi, as a parliamentarian since 1984, and I always come to join Amma whenever she visits Delhi. I never expected that her fame would spread all over the world; I accompany her just to express my sincere affection, credence, confidence and devotion to her. I do not feel any shame in declaring that I am an ardent devotee of Amma.  Whenever I visit Amma, she will notice my presence in the crowd and immediately announce “Thomas Mon has arrived”! I feel the presence of Amma like Divine Grace. You know pretty well that Sri. A.K. Antony never lends his ears to monks and priests, but loves Amma. He meets Amma and communicates with her frequently.  Everybody has his or her own experience.  All of you might have also had some memorable experiences.   One day when I was the Cabinet Minister, in 2009, my wife, Sherly, and I visited Amma as usual.  Amma held my hands and said, “You are a great personality now, but you should find the time to attend to your health. If you are not careful, your health might become worse”. I was totally healthy on that day.  Amma hugged Sherly and instructed her, “Take care of him. Something is wrong”. Nobody believed what she had said then. As soon as I reached Delhi, I was diagnosed with meningitis. The chance of complete recovery from this disease is very small, and if a person does recover, he or she at the very least will be end up handicapped. But I completely recovered from the meningitis. When I saw Amma the very next time, Amma asked me, “You escaped didn’t you, my son?”  How can a person not believe Amma and her abilities!  I have directed so many patients to Amrita hospital for treatment. I can confirm that Amma’s charitable institutions has never exploited the public. Those who know the system of management of such institutions will never forget their memorable experience from Amma, her love and affection, and the kindness they enjoyed. Unfortunately, some of our friends who did not recognize these kindnesses have written few negative comments. Let Amma pardon them; let the almighty absolve them. I do not have any other response to them. Lakhs of people all over the world love Amma.  Amma does not expect anything in return from them. Did anybody request Amma to visit Japan when that country was hit by tsunami?  Amma spent hundreds of crores exclusively for re-constructing the houses for those who lost theirs. She initiated and oversaw all of the aid projects without expecting any reward from anybody.  I am sure that nobody can challenge the reputation and credibility of the Math. I am a believer of God and visit Velankanni Church; I visit Amma with the same devotion and pay tribute. I recognize Amma as equal to my mother and the spiritual Guru to my family and myself.”

Mr. Hiby Eden

Eden is an Indian politician from Ernakulam, Kerala and member of the Indian National Congress. Eden is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Kerala from Ernakulam District. He is also the president of the NSUI, the National students wing of The Indian National Congress

“Amrita Medical Institutions are within the purview of my Assembly constituency. I know very well that, as of today, more than 10 lakhs patients have availed free medical aid from those institutions. It is Amma’s help that has reached the substratum of society, where the local government or the state government could not reach. Support from people like Amma is the only long lasting relief that can be counted on by the common people of India – patients, orphans and those who do not have support from anybody. Amma has contributed to the radical transformations in the fields of education, healthcare, social welfare. A proverb in Malayalam goes, “stones are thrown only at trees laden with mangoes”, meaning, allegations will be formed regularly against those who are active in the sphere of social activities. This gathering has given the right response to the allegations against our Amma. We have to be more cautious against the intentions of those who raise false, fabricated and fraudulent allegations such as these, which they cannot prove.”

Mr. P.K. Haneefa

State Secretary, All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC). AITUC is the oldest trade union federation in India and one of the largest.

 “I met Amma for the very first time at an airport. It was not a planned meeting; I met her as I was embarking on a trip. I approached and bowed to her. I do not know whether Amma recognized me or not. Amma not only belongs to Hindus, but is the wealth of the entire mankind. She has a mission to take care of the miserable of the world and work to eradicate their suffering.  Consider her mother: she is the most blessed lady in this world, who gave birth to a child like Amma.  It is a fact that the great people who have spent their life in service to mankind have suffered a lot. Organized dacoits who act against such great people continue to operate in our society. This phenomenon has existed from the first day our society took form. Amma shows her courage in spearheading great missions and successfully putting them into operation where the government cannot even think about such tasks, and I take this opportunity to promulgate the fact that the only person behind all such achievements, the world over, is Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. I have directed so many patients to Amrita Hospital for their treatment, which otherwise would have cost them lakhs of Rupees.  The residents of the Ashram working at the hospital have taken very good care of the patients. Medicare and education are nowadays looked upon as profitable businesses. The tendency to misuse these sectors has become a global phenomenon. Amma on the other hand dreams that everyone should have access to education, and that the world be free from sickness and disease. That is Mata Amritanandamayi Devi! She responded against the accusations against her saying that she is an open book. One lady who voluntarily left the Ashram in 1999, later wrote some nonsense, that sparked the interest of a few of the media outlets. It is these channels that are solely responsible for the absurdities being spread. Instead of communicating the truth to the public, these media channels continue to fluctuate from their ethics, infecting the public like an intoxication of narcotics and injecting negative messages into them, all with ulterior motives. We have to be more cautious of groups such as these. Whether it is Media One or India Vision, whoever it might be, let the Almighty shower us with the courage and blessings to fight against their malignancies and defeat them. Amma is a gift from the Almighty; I pray for her longevity.