The Truth Alone Triumphs


Below is a letter to Amma, written by Rishi from Finland. Rishi Taavi Kassila is a highly acclaimed film director, writer and teacher of yoga in Finland. Rishi’s father, Matti Kassila, is one of the most well-known of Finnish film directors of all time. Rishi’s mother, Aino Mantsas, was a celebrated Finnish actress. Rishi is an accomplished writer. One of his principal accomplishments is the translation of the Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana into Finnish.

Dear Amma,

Almost three years ago, in June 2011, a lady in Finland started to spread lies about me on the Internet. After a while, people with vested interests started to spread her lies all over the world. After it spread outside Finland, these lies were used to create and justify falsehoods against you, the revered Swamis and other distinguished devotees. After this continued for a year, I had no choice but to submit a crime report in Finnish Court. The case was taken to the District Court of Helsinki in August 2013. The Court charged the lady with defamation imposing a fine on her.

The defendant was not happy with the court order, so she appealed to the Appeals Court of Helsinki. The Appeals Court passed its judgment on March 13, 2014 and agreed with the District Court on all charges and the lady was fined an amount as compensation for the suffering she caused me. The District Court of Finland also passed a judgment to take down all the pages related to the defamation case in Finland. Unfortunately, these lies are still on Internet pages across the world.

The people who have written lies about Amma, the Swamis and myself, think they are exercising their freedom of speech, but before they wrote, they should have confirmed the facts for themselves and recorded the evidence. Freedom of speech and expression is not a freedom to defame or falsely accuse any fellow human being, on the basis of hearsay. If that freedom of speech is misused anywhere in the world, the person will be held liable for defamation in legal proceedings in their respective country.

People who have a history of abuse dating back to their childhood tend to project their inner conflicts, resulting from the scars of childhood, onto people they meet later in life. The defendant in my case had had a difficult childhood. To respect her privacy I prefer not to divulge any personal details, but I can hint that one of her family members manipulated people using his position and left a painful impression on her mind.

Amma, it is unfair to target you, after all that you have contributed to the upliftment of humanity. You have virtually lived every breath of your life for the rest of humanity.


Love and prayers,

“Satyameva Jayate”

Truth Alone Triumphs

– Mundaka Upanishad