The Ultimate Refuge

Amma’s love is limitless. Her powers are infinite. She is the source of all our powers, but we tend to forget this, and, egged on by ego, grapple with our problems in our own way. If successful, we pat ourselves on the back, but when we fail and feel hopeless, we seek Amma’s Lotus Feet to save our souls. Ignoring our lapses, easily pleased, compassionate Amma shelters us in Her lap and absorbs all our sorrows. Recently, Vilas Nayikam, from a small town in Goa, went through such an experience.

Manaswini Nayikam, born in 2005 and the second daughter of Vilas Nayikam, was born as a normal child, weighing 2.5 kg. But just after her second birthday, she stopped growing. Strangely enough, her belly started bulging and her head swelled while her legs and arms became puny and bony, that she could not walk. She just wobbled around. Not only this—she would also fall ill very frequently. Doctors diagnosed an excess of calcium in her body. For four years, Vilas tried all treatments in his hometown, but none worked. He even consulted a reputed astrologer, who advised him not to waste his money on his daughter as she would not survive her seventh birthday. Vilas Nayikam ignored his advice.

Treatment in a big hospital, in a metropolitan city, was beyond the means of Vilas Nayikam, a low-wage employee in a government school. But in 2011, he somehow managed to obtain the money, and took his daughter to a big hospital in Goa. After conducting twenty tests, the hospital doctors advised him to go to Mumbai. Instead of going to Mumbai, he went to an Ayurvedic doctor in Madgaon who promised to cure his daughter. But there too, he met with disappointment. Even after spending Rs. 25,000 in three months, Manaswini showed no signs of improvement. Distressed, Vilas Nayikam decided to discontinue the treatments.

Vilas had been visiting Amritapuri every year since 2006. All these years, he had never thought of seeking advice from ‘the Doctor of all doctors,’ Amma. It was only in 2012, when he had exhausted all his resources, that he sought her as his ‘Ultimate Refuge.’

On 15 August 2012, along with his wife and three daughters, Vilas reached Amritapuri, (which literally means, “the abode of ambrosia”) and surrendered his daughter at Amma’s Holy Feet. As Amma made Manaswini sit in Her lap and whispered, “my darling daughter” in her ears, Vilas Nayikam noticed a smile spreading on his daughter’s face and a glow sparkling in her eyes. A miracle started to unravel itself right in front of everyone’s eyes! Manaswini who looked exhausted with drooping eyes moments back, started to look alert and full of life, like any normal child of her age.

Amma advised Vilas to go to AIMS hospital in Cochin. The result of the tests conducted matched exactly with those obtained from the tests at the hospital in Goa. The AIMS doctors wondered as to why, instead of treating the patient, the Goa hospital doctors had told Vilas Nayikam to go to Mumbai. Anyhow, the treatment began at AIMS and in less than three days, the medicines started showing visible results. Vilas’s joy knew no bounds. He could not express in words his gratitude to the doctors and above all to ‘the Doctor of all doctors’ – Amma.

As their continued stay in Cochin started to dwindle his financial resources, Vilas considered getting enough medicine for two months and return to Goa. So when the doctor on duty told him to bring his daughter in for monthly checkups, he couldn’t conceal his unhappiness. Understanding his plight, the doctor recommended a doctor in Goa – Dr. Ram Moorty. The doctor spoke to Dr. Moorty directly and appraised him the medical history of the case. Furthermore, the AIMS hospital subsidized the costs of Manswini’s treatment. Not only this – before departure, when, along with Manaswini, Vilas went to thank the doctor, he gave him an envelop containing Rs. 7,000 as a parting gift for his daughter. Vilas Nayikam was overwhelmed by the grace and compassion. His choked voice and tearful eyes said more than words could have.

Slowly but steadily, his daughter’s health improved. Now she is eight years old. The grace of Rogparvata Dambholaya (the thunderbolt that shatters the mountain of disease), the selfless service of Her doctor-children, and the love and patience of a father disproved all the predictions and brought Manaswini back to normal life.

– Prof. Sushila Mahajan
(As narrated by Mr. Vilas Nayikam, Goa)