Under a Single Flag – Hindu Community Unite to Pledge to Protect Dharma

Under a single flag – The entire Hindu community unites eager to defend Sanatana Dharma

Under a single flag – The entire Hindu community unites eager to defend Sanatana Dharma

In the presence of the sun and the ocean, over 150,000 people pledged to unite against the injustice, unrighteousness and discrimination plaguing society; to take up the fight to protect Dharma as each of their life’s vow.

A large crowd from all over Kerala turned up at the Dharmaraksha Sangam (‘union to protect Dharma’) at the Marine Drive on March 23, 2014. The clarion call of the united voices of the Spiritual Masters from the greatest of Ascetic traditions from all across India, invoked the Shakti of Dharma in the hearts of the people at the event.

Swami Vishwesha Teertha lighting the lamp

Swami Vishwesha Teertha lighting the lamp

Sri Vishvesha Tirtha, the 32nd pontiff of the Pejavara Math of the lineage of Sri Madhvacharya lit the lamp and proclaimed the time has come to unite to protect Sanatana Dharma.

pejavar swamiIn his inaugural address, Swami said Hindu Acharayas (Teachers) should unitedly fight against the attack on the Amritananadamayi Math.

VHP leader, Ashok SInghal said the charges against Amritanandayi Math was an ‘insult’ to crores of Hindus and so the community should come together and fight it unitedly.

DSC_0856People pledge to unite to protect Dharma.

All media organisations covered the meet while audience listen to the speakers. The meet is a result of the row had broke out after Mata Amritanandamayi’s former disciple Australian born Gail Tradwell in her book ‘Holy Hell’ wrote about Indian culture and its people with disdain and raised allegations against Amma and some Sanyasis.

In the meet presided by Swami Prakashananda, luminaries of the ancient traditions of Sivananda Ashram, Advaita Ashram, Sivagiri Math, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chinmaya Mission, Shantigiri Ashram, Sri Ramdas Ashram, Ramananda Ashram, Shubhananda Ashram, Sri Aiyyappa Sevashram, Agastya Siddhashram,  among others led the stellar congregation of Spiritual Masters in inspiring the crowd. Their powerful call will resound across the length and breath of the country for ages to come.

– Jayant